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Is your financial planner focused on trends rather than a holistic solution?

Are you being offered individual solutions when you have a family to plan for?

Does your advisor understand your family dynamic, or are you simply a number?

True financial freedom is a generational matter.

Successfully planning your financial future doesn’t just stop at the individual. Too often that is the attitude of the financial services industry. I’m here to change that.

– Janet Hugo

I believe you deserve...

  • The confidence to fulfil your life’s ambitions and aspirations.
  • To safeguard your future for planned and unplanned events.
  • To accomplish your bucket list dreams with ease and grace.
  • An abundant retirement to be enjoyed with your loved ones.
  • Estate planning as a last act of love for the ones you leave behind.
  • A trusted partner who will keep your family matters at heart.

A failure to plan for your financial future can leave you in the lurch.

I have had this experience and learnt from it, and want you to be able to benefit.

About 15 years ago, I was a stay at home mom.  Although I was active in my husband’s investment management business, I had no source of my own income and it started to worry me. I have learned that planning for a dreaded disease event and experiencing it as a family are very different things. I really believe that having your affairs in order is one of the last acts of love you can do for the people you leave behind.

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Janet Hugo


Your trusted partner in finance & planning.

3 Steps to Confident Wealth Management​


Meet & Analyse

Let’s meet, envision grand possibilities, and gather information.


Report & Agree

I’ll analyse and assess your aspirations and data to find holistic solutions.


Implement & Regular Meetings

I’ll present bespoke recommendations and finally, implement your solution.

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