Our Experience of Estate Planning

Estate Planning 2018-07-26T08:42:27+00:00

Estate planning is not about minimising taxes and having enough money for your dependents.  I really believe that having your affairs in order is one of the last acts of love you can do for the people you leave behind.

My brother and I spent 4 days looking for my father’s last will and testament.  He had told us all about it, that my brother would inherit all the tools in his beloved workshop and we knew the detail (or we thought we did) but we never found the document.  In the end he died intestate.

When I thought had sufficient knowledge to begin to review the policies on my husband’s life, they were a complicated mixture of investments and insurance.  And completely inappropriate for our needs.  My aim is share our experience of unravelling the complexities of some of the products in the industry in the context of true financial planning.

Sterling has a great set of documents around estate planning, including providing a last letter to your loved ones.  There may be need to explain some of the choices you include in your testament.  And then there are all the other admin issues you need to let people know about.  Contact me if you want a copy of this.