Hold the line

“It's not in the way that you hold me It's not in the way you say you care It's not in the way you've been treating my friends It's not in the way that you stayed till the end [...]

Hold the line 2021-05-10T08:00:40+00:00

Five financial tripwires

If you’ve ever seen the mayhem from the middle of the trading floor of the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), you can be forgiven for thinking it’s a warzone! Whilst most stock exchanges around the world now trade electronically, [...]

Five financial tripwires 2021-04-26T08:00:35+00:00

The premium time to review your premiums

When it comes to financial planning, risk planning, estate planning and investing, many of us like to “set and forget”. Our lives are full of things to remember, for work, family and the communities in which we’re involved - [...]

The premium time to review your premiums 2021-04-19T08:00:17+00:00

Our oft-told money stories

Money isn’t real. It’s just an agreed-upon system of exchange. Have you ever heard that?  This is the realisation that many reach when feeling frustrated with tax systems, witnessing social injustice or experiencing the unfairness of life. While money [...]

Our oft-told money stories 2021-04-12T08:00:15+00:00

Protecting your income for a better outcome

A few short decades ago, we lived in a world that seemed to have far more security and certainty. The rate of change was slower, and many assumed that if you stuck to the system, the system would look [...]

Protecting your income for a better outcome 2021-03-29T08:00:43+00:00

Offshore shouldn’t be off-putting

“... your money deserves to go places,” Ninety One (dual-listed on both the South African and London Stock Exchanges). Many people who choose to stay in a country feel a sense of pride and patriotism for their local residence. [...]

Offshore shouldn’t be off-putting 2021-03-15T08:00:47+00:00

Ifs, buts and Bitcoin

“If only I’d bought into Bitcoin in 2008…” “But, it’s not regulated…” “But, the bubble…” “Bitcoin - I don’t want to miss out…” Before engaging in any blog about Bitcoin, it HAS to be stated that Bitcoin is an [...]

Ifs, buts and Bitcoin 2021-03-08T08:00:55+00:00

Bite-sized chunks

No matter how hard we try, we never seem to get it all right… all the time! We were taught as kids that practice makes perfect, and this phrase set us up for unrealistic expectations. At some point in [...]

Bite-sized chunks 2021-02-23T07:15:29+00:00

Is active or passive fund management better?

The first thing to remember when approaching investing is that the best approach is dependent almost wholly on the investor and their desired investment outcomes. While this may sound simple, working out desired outcomes hinges on many factors and [...]

Is active or passive fund management better? 2021-02-08T08:00:44+00:00

Divorce and your retirement savings

Recent times have been life-altering for so many, from emotional and health traumas to relational and financial traumas. We’ve all had to encounter a considerable onslaught of ‘stuff’ to process and deal with. It may just be life, but [...]

Divorce and your retirement savings 2021-01-25T08:00:53+00:00
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