Fortify financial peace of mind

There are few things worse than lying in bed at night, tossing and turning over financial stress. Lack of sleep only adds to our stress and hinders our overall mental, physical and emotional health! Our money choices are linked [...]

Fortify financial peace of mind 2021-08-02T08:30:57+00:00

How to nurture financially savvy kids

In 1988, financial planner and best-selling author Venita Van Caspel wrote in her bestselling book Financial Dynamics for the 1990s: “Our educational system continues to send forth our young with so little information about financial matters that they are [...]

How to nurture financially savvy kids 2021-07-19T08:30:30+00:00

When the opposite is true

There is a thin veneer over everything. When we are distracted by news streams, overwhelmed by direct messaging and tired from keeping up with the Joneses, it’s easy to create a veneer that allows us to store and process [...]

When the opposite is true 2021-07-12T08:30:16+00:00

The miracle of Meraki

In every culture and creed, there are traditions and philosophies about how to experience the best that life has in store for us, whilst overcoming trials and tragedies. From mindfulness to healthy eating, from exercise to stress management - [...]

The miracle of Meraki 2021-07-05T16:30:33+00:00

Sandwich generation

The sandwich generation refers to working-age individuals who are in the precarious position of looking after their growing children and caring for elderly parents.  They are effectively "sandwiched" between the responsibilities of caring for their children, who require financial, [...]

Sandwich generation 2021-07-21T08:36:23+00:00

The nourishment of nature

A breath of fresh air, the sun on our faces, bare feet in the sand. Spending time outside can provide many small pleasures, which all leave us feeling revitalised. Whether it’s sipping ice-cold lemonade in our backyard or hiking [...]

The nourishment of nature 2021-06-21T08:30:57+00:00

Things don’t get easier – we become more resilient

Life is uncharted. Maps can only be made from where we’ve been - not where we have yet to go. The only certainty is uncertainty, and we can experience potentially life-altering choices on a daily basis. Each nebulous choice [...]

Things don’t get easier – we become more resilient 2021-06-07T08:30:43+00:00

How to do it in the 4IR

"But we didn't need it, and we turned out fine."  We hear this line more than we should. From tap water to technology, from diets to devices, from gender identification to genetic modification, from schooling to selecting a coach [...]

How to do it in the 4IR 2021-05-24T08:30:14+00:00

If our feelings could talk

Epictetus, the Greek Stoic philosopher, was the first to say it. "We have two ears and one mouth so that we can listen twice as much as we speak.” But listening is not always about what we hear; it’s [...]

If our feelings could talk 2021-05-17T08:30:48+00:00

Me, myself and Ikigai

From the stoics to the sentimentalists, most have one question in common: What is the meaning of it all? Searching for purpose and meaning helps us come up with a reason for living. As Aristotle always said, our ability [...]

Me, myself and Ikigai 2021-05-03T08:30:45+00:00
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