Hold the line

“It's not in the way that you hold me It's not in the way you say you care It's not in the way you've been treating my friends It's not in the way that you stayed till the end [...]

Hold the line 2021-05-10T08:00:40+00:00

Me, myself and Ikigai

From the stoics to the sentimentalists, most have one question in common: What is the meaning of it all? Searching for purpose and meaning helps us come up with a reason for living. As Aristotle always said, our ability [...]

Me, myself and Ikigai 2021-05-03T08:30:45+00:00

Discovery and discomfort

It’s nearly impossible to make it through an entire week without glancing at a blog, social media post or newsletter that reminds us about the pervasive and perpetual change in our lives. Hopefully, this blog won’t be one of [...]

Discovery and discomfort 2021-04-26T08:30:02+00:00

Five financial tripwires

If you’ve ever seen the mayhem from the middle of the trading floor of the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), you can be forgiven for thinking it’s a warzone! Whilst most stock exchanges around the world now trade electronically, [...]

Five financial tripwires 2021-04-26T08:00:35+00:00

Bias and your bank balance

When it’s a question of money - everyone is of the same religion, or so said Voltaire. Like religion, there are many different perspectives on how it helps (or hinders) us. It’s probably one reason why people always say [...]

Bias and your bank balance 2021-04-19T08:30:10+00:00

The premium time to review your premiums

When it comes to financial planning, risk planning, estate planning and investing, many of us like to “set and forget”. Our lives are full of things to remember, for work, family and the communities in which we’re involved - [...]

The premium time to review your premiums 2021-04-19T08:00:17+00:00

Our oft-told money stories

Money isn’t real. It’s just an agreed-upon system of exchange. Have you ever heard that?  This is the realisation that many reach when feeling frustrated with tax systems, witnessing social injustice or experiencing the unfairness of life. While money [...]

Our oft-told money stories 2021-04-12T08:00:15+00:00

Win back your weekend

“Where did our weekend go?” Have you ever found yourself asking this question on a Sunday night or a few minutes after hitting snooze for the third time on a Monday morning? If you do - you’re not alone! [...]

Win back your weekend 2021-04-05T09:00:51+00:00

Protecting your income for a better outcome

A few short decades ago, we lived in a world that seemed to have far more security and certainty. The rate of change was slower, and many assumed that if you stuck to the system, the system would look [...]

Protecting your income for a better outcome 2021-03-29T08:00:43+00:00

Plan to fail

It doesn’t make sense, but we need to have a plan for when things go wrong.  People love to say that Benjamin Franklin once said that if you fail to plan, then you plan to fail. It’s not a [...]

Plan to fail 2021-03-22T08:30:04+00:00
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