It’s time to turn up the kindness, to yourself

In a recent blog from Marelisa Fabrega, lawyer and entrepreneur, she spoke of 17 ways to be kinder to yourself! It seems like a lot, but when we think about all the ways and times that we put ourselves [...]

It’s time to turn up the kindness, to yourself 2021-10-25T08:30:19+00:00

What’s an annuity?

Have you ever heard someone say that you need to make your money work for you? It seems like an impossible achievement for many of us because we immediately think we need a stack of dollar bills to leverage [...]

What’s an annuity? 2021-10-25T08:00:58+00:00

The best place to invest

Somehow, despite all the messages to be kinder to ourselves, we have this predisposition to put ourselves down. Along the line, the early messages of “You can do better” become “You’re not good enough.” We live in an age [...]

The best place to invest 2021-10-18T08:00:32+00:00

Can you change how you feel about money?

Here’s the quick answer: yes! That’s the easy part. The challenge lies in the next question: How do I change how I feel about money? There are plenty of books, blogs, podcasts and short courses on how to change [...]

Can you change how you feel about money? 2021-10-11T08:30:15+00:00

Levels of financial dependence

At the very surface level of constructing a financial plan, the journey can feel linear. We begin with what we have and plan to move towards an end goal of ‘having enough’ and being financially independent. But this is [...]

Levels of financial dependence 2021-10-11T08:00:34+00:00

Learning leverages healthy decisions (1/3)

A curriculum doesn’t drive learning; curiosity drives learning. When we consider the learning pattern of those who are outside of schooling systems, it’s curiosity that drives their learning, not the prescribed milestones of an education system. From Google to [...]

Learning leverages healthy decisions (1/3) 2021-10-04T08:30:13+00:00

Charge what you’re worth

“How much should I be charging my clients?” This is a common question as we work with an increasing number of people setting up their own businesses. In the wake of a radical economic downturn, our creativity and necessity [...]

Charge what you’re worth 2021-09-27T08:00:16+00:00

What happens to our passwords when we pass?

Estate planning, wills and final testaments are not easy processes to navigate. Setting up life cover and considering what will happen to your family when you pass away can be deeply emotional and an experience many would rather avoid. [...]

What happens to our passwords when we pass? 2021-09-20T08:30:52+00:00

Six areas of financial planning

Have you ever gone down the #Fintwit rabbit hole? According to, #Fintwit is a vibrant community of investors on Twitter, who tweet trading ideas, active trades, personal portfolios and well thought out insights about financial securities. Millions of [...]

Six areas of financial planning 2021-09-20T08:00:43+00:00

Ready to be more resilient?

We can’t change what happens to us, but we can change how we respond to what happens to us, and within us. Everything ages, but not everything ages well. Some things can wither from the inside out if they [...]

Ready to be more resilient? 2021-09-13T08:30:21+00:00
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