Start marketing yourself

Before we can think of saving, spending and investing - we first need to make money. Almost everybody would accept more money if it were offered to them. But, as is often the case in life, we need to [...]

Start marketing yourself 2020-08-10T08:00:15+00:00

Lessons from the lighthouse

Here’s the thing about the lighthouse - it’s focus is always offshore. At the time of writing this article, the world is still flailing under the storm of the Coronavirus and the conditions have caused us all to rethink [...]

Lessons from the lighthouse 2020-08-03T12:30:32+00:00

Don’t spend based on other people’s income

The practice of storytelling is ubiquitous among cultures all across the globe. Sometimes we seem to forget the power that a story can hold over people. We use stories to make sense of our world and to share that [...]

Don’t spend based on other people’s income 2020-08-03T12:00:24+00:00

What the low interest rate means for you

In light of the difficult times recently, Southern Africa has been awash in low interest rates. When South Africa significantly cut its base interest rate from an already-low 6.25% down to 4.25%, it officially became the lowest interest rate [...]

What the low interest rate means for you 2020-07-27T08:00:33+00:00

Ways to save when times are tough

Most of us are chronic under-savers even in the best of times. Yet with the current economic environment, lots of previously hypothetical concepts like ‘what if I’m retrenched or have my salary cut?’ are far more concrete – and, [...]

Ways to save when times are tough 2020-07-20T08:15:11+00:00

Cold hard cash

Debt statistics are growing - this is very likely in part to the fact that a vast majority of us today prefer credit cards over cash. The benefits of credit cards are obvious. They are more convenient and offer [...]

Cold hard cash 2020-07-20T08:00:21+00:00

Three ways to thrash your debt

Effectively managing your debt is one of the best and most proactive ways of ensuring a sustainable financial future. It is deeply gratifying knowing that you’re doing something right when you see your debt shrinking! The journey of exploring [...]

Three ways to thrash your debt 2020-07-13T08:00:54+00:00

Are you a savings statistic?

Most Sub-Saharan African countries are chronic ‘dis-savers’. But, you don’t have to be. Before we look at the options, let’s take a snapshot of recent events. Last July, the South African Savings Institute gave the country a wakeup call [...]

Are you a savings statistic? 2020-07-13T11:11:59+00:00

The long haul

Saving is not just about a plan - it's a behaviour. Part of this behaviour is rooted in our mental ability to overcome our own fears. We reduce these fears by mentally preparing for life goals and recognising that [...]

The long haul 2020-07-06T12:00:43+00:00

Soup’s on ain’t a soupçon!

As the days draw shorter, the sun stays hidden for longer and the colder weather encourages us to hibernate away, coupled with constrained financial conditions, we can be forgiven for falling into the trap of thinking smaller, trying to [...]

Soup’s on ain’t a soupçon! 2020-06-29T08:00:13+00:00
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